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Composition of the College

The College comprises the Council, the National Chapters and the Faculties.

The Regional Council

  1. (a) The Council is made up of not more than two (2) Fellows (other than Honorary Fellows) from each National Chapter and reflects, as much as possible, the various Faculties.
  2. (b) Chairmen of Faculties are non-voting members of Council, without prejudice to the two members elected by each Chapter.
  3. (c) The two Fellows from each Chapter shall include the National President and, either National Secretary or National Treasurer of the College.
  4. (d) The Council shall elect from amongst its members the following officers: (i) The President (ii) The College Treasurer
  5. (f) The Registrar of the College is the Secretary General of the Council
  6. (g) Any Chapter whose representative is elected to any of the above offices as stated shall replace such officer with another of its members.
  7. (h) The Immediate past President and Immediate past Secretary General of the College shall be ex-officio members of the Council, with full voting rights.
  8. (i) The representative of the Director General of the West African Health Organization (WAHO) is a member of the Council.
  9. (j) The Assistant Secretary-General and Assistant Treasurer of the Council are ex-officio non-voting members of Council.

Powers and Duties of the Council

  1. (a) Takes responsibility for the overall supervision and organization of the affairs of the College;
  2. (b) Holds meetings twice a year and at such other times as shall be deemed necessary by the President or, when called upon to do so on a written request signed by at least one-fifth (1/5) of members of the Council;
  3. (c) Responsible for, and supervises the administration of the College through necessary directives to the College Officers;
  4. (d) Fills, for the unexpired term, any vacancy created by the resignation, death or removal of a College Officer;
  5. (e) Approves annual budget and audit of the College and invest upon such securities in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Council;
  6. (f) Acquires by purchase, lease or otherwise any lands or property as may be deemed by the Council likely to advance or benefit the Aims and Objectives of the College;
  7. (g) To manage, improve and maintain, and to demise, sell or otherwise deal with and dispose of, all or any part of the lands and other property of the College for such consideration as the Council may deem fit;
  8. (h) To do all such other lawful things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the Aims and Objectives of the College;

Membership of the College

The following classes of membership of the College exist;


(a) Foundation Fellows: This category shall be exempted from competitive examinations but must meet the following requirement and/or possess:

  1. i. Medical laboratory scientists who were practicing as Consultants or Specialists in their respective participating countries and whose names were submitted to the College by appropriate and competent authorities in those countries before the inauguration meeting or other deadline set by the College.
  2. ii. A Doctorate degree qualification in any area of medical laboratory science or related sciences with not less than 10 years post qualification experience as a professional medical laboratory scientist at the time of the commencement of the College.
  3. iii. A Master's Degree qualification in any area of medical laboratory science or related sciences with not less than 20 years post qualification experience as a medical laboratory science professional at the time of the commencement of the College.

(b) Fellows by Examination: All professional medical laboratory scientists with at least a master's degree who have successfully passed part 2 examination of the college.

(c) Elected Fellows: This category shall be exempted from competitive examinations and have been as qualified with 30 years' post-qualification experience as professional medical laboratory scientists with a degree or diploma from a recognised institution.

(d) Honorary Fellows: Honorary Fellows shall be awarded to distinguished persons, not professional medical laboratory scientists, such as the College may wish to honour. No professional medical laboratory scientist shall be elected as an Honourary Fellow.

(e) Member by Examination: Same as for fellows by examination except that such shall have passed Part 1 examination as prescribed by the College.

(f) Any other category of membership as may be prescribed and established from time to time by the College.

Faculty Boards

Every faculty of the College shall be headed by a Fellow of the College in line with the constitution of the College. The decisions on the activities of each faculty shall be taken with other fellows of the College.


The day to day administration of the College is headed by a Secretary General/Registrar as is assisted by a Deputy Secretary General and other clerical staff in line with the Constitution.


All institution seeking to mount the fellowship programme of the College shall complete the relevant College form and pay the prescribed fees. The college will thereafter appoint a panel of accreditation committee to visit, inspect and determine the suitability of such institution to serve as training and examination centre for specialization of the programmes under the appropriate faculty of the College.
The Institution is to take care of the transportation, accommodation and feeding of the accreditation team during the visit.


  1. (i) Medical Bacteriology
  2. (ii) Clinical Chemistry
  3. (iii) Blood Transfusion Science
  4. (iv) Haematology
  5. (v) Cellular Pathology/Cytology
  6. (vi) Cytogenetics
  7. (vii) Medical Parasitology/Entomology
  8. (viii) Molecular Diagnostics/Translational Science
  9. (x) Medical Virology
  10. (xi ) Immunology
  11. (xii) Mycology
  12. (xiii) Forensic Science
  13. (xiv) Laboratory Management/Leadership & Biomedical Instrumentation
  14. (xvi) General Medical Laboratory Practice
  15. (xvii) Veterinary Laboratory Technology
  16. Any other Faculty as the COLLEGE may determine and approve from time to time.


The examinations of the College shall be held in April and October of each year or at such other time as may be determined by Council.

The Fellowship examinations of the College shall be conducted in three parts, namely:

  1. (a) PRIMARY examination in sciences basic to the specialty.
  2. (b) PART ONE examination in the field and practical aspects of the specialty.
  3. (c) PART TWO (FINAL) examination.

The details of the various parts of the examinations shall be as approved from time to time by Council on the recommendation to the Court of Examiners.

The examinations shall be conducted at such centers or institutions as the Council may prescribe.

The details of the examinations is contained in the College prospectus


The academic calendar of the College runs from January to December. The examinations of the College shall be held in April and October of each year or at such other time as may be determined by Council. Details of the academic calendar can be downloaded at the download site of this website.

The code of conduct for candidates sitting for the College examinations can be downloaded from the download page of the website.